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062713 Chi Machine


  1. Metabolism- Activates and speeds detoxification. Also facilitates normalization of cells often causing loss of inches and weight.
  2. The Lymphatic System- Your Lymphatic System is responsible for removing the wastefrom your tissues, filtering the lymph and depositing toxins and materials that escapedfrom the blood stream back into the blood. It is an integral part of your immune systemyet has no pump to move it. The Chi Machine sets the lymph in motion.
  3. Spinal Fluid- Your spine rehydrates with motion, rocking the sacrum and activating the crainialsacral pump to the perfect 144 beats per minute.
  4. Autonomic Nervous System- The neuro-pathway message center is assisted.
  5. Digestive System- Relaxes and allows digestive juice to flow more freely.
  6. Organs- The massaging movement tones organs and releases the toxins around them
  7. Oxygenation- Increases blood oxygen levels dramatically. When the lungs are massaged and relaxed they absorb more oxygen through the alveoli. The higher blood volume flowing through the lungs absorbs more oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream.
  8. Brain Waves- We interact consciously in the beta level, with a few minutes on the chi Machine our brain relaxes to the alpha level and sometimes to the theta level which also helps you to meditate better and have a more restful sleep
  9. Circulatory System- Motion increases circulation in which you can feel the awesome tingling sensation when the machine stops
  10. The Electrical System- allows the body’s 32 figure 8’s electrical field to be put in motion
    which assists brain integration aiding the thought process
  11. The Muscular System- the stretch and relax movement of the Chi Machine works the muscle, tendons and ligaments promoting a limber back, shoulders, legs, arms etc.

 WOW!! !is the most common comment after just 5 minutes on the Chi Machine. Many
claim to have a love affair with their chi machine because it’s their Own Oriental Massager!
You will feel more energized and have a greater sense of well being with use of the machine.

For information call us at: 651-430-1622


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